Nikola Tesla (A Pigeon Lover)

Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. He was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity, and is best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

 Blah blah blah… let’s get to the good stuff shall we?!

"Tesla engaged in reading many works, memorizing complete books, supposedly having a photographic memory. Tesla related in his autobiography that he experienced detailed moments of inspiration."

" He suffered a peculiar affliction in which blinding flashes of light would appear before his eyes, often accompanied by visions. Much of the time the visions were linked to a word (SHAZZAM!) or idea he might have come across, (PIGEONS!) at other times they would provide the solution to a particular problem he had been encountering."

 ”Tesla also often had flashbacks to events that had happened previously in his life; these began during his childhood.” Hmmm… sounds peculiar already!

 ”Nikola Tesla was a polyglot, and along with his native tongue he also spoke Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin.” Damn how many tongues he got up in there?! Multilingual, you don’t say?!

 ”Tesla may have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and had many unusual quirks and phobias. He did things in threes, and was adamant about staying in a hotel room with a number divisible by three.” Totes OCD!

"Tesla was physically revolted by jewelry, notably pearl earrings. (Safe to say he didn’t love "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Mmmkay!)

 He was fastidious about cleanliness and hygiene, and was by all accounts mysophobic, having a pathological fear of germs.” Germaphobe down!!!

"Tesla was obsessed with PIGEONS, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in Central Park and even bringing injured ones into his hotel room to nurse them back to health." Pigeons, you say?!

"These Are My Friends" is focused on the curious relationship Tesla shared with the pigeons in the parks that surrounded his home in New York. Later in life, particularly in his mid-sixties and on, he could be found frequently alone on walks feeding the pigeons and spending time near them.  Under his care, pigeons recovered from diseased wings, broken legs, and supposedly at least one of gangrene. When he encountered pigeons he could not treat himself, he would enlist the help of a physician. If for some reason he was unable to visit the park where he most often fed the birds, he would hire a Western Union messenger to take care of the task for him." Pigeon lover!!!!

"Tesla never married. He was celibate and claimed that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities. Nonetheless there have been numerous accounts of women vying for Tesla’s affection, even some madly in love with him. Tesla, though polite, behaved rather ambivalently to these women in the romantic sense." Erm dude was so gay!

"The great love story of his life was with a mysterious white pigeon, (AGAIN WITH THE PIGEONS!) which would find him almost anywhere he went and come when he called her. He told a pair of journalists, according to an early biographer, that he loved her as a man loves a woman. When the pigeon eventually became very ill, he stayed with it, refusing to leave his hotel room in order to care for it. It recovered, but lived only another year. It flew into his bedroom through an open window one night, according to Tesla, and landed on his desk. He knew instantly that she was dying. When the bird passed, Tesla said that powerful beams of light came forth from her eyes to him… he knew something had gone out of his life, and that his life’s work was finished." What a tragic loss! Lol!

 ”Tesla was prone to alienating himself and was generally soft-spoken. However, when he did engage in a social life, many people spoke very positively and admiringly of him calling him a ‘a poet, a philosopher, an appreciator of fine music, a linguist, and a connoisseur of food and drink.’”  A man after my own heart!

"Nevertheless, Tesla could be harsh at times; he openly expressed his disgust for OVERWEIGHT people, (WHAT A FATIST!) once firing a secretary because of her weight. He was quick to CRITICIZE others’ CLOTHING as well, (FASHION POLICE!) on several occasions directing a subordinate to go home and change her dress." Wahahaha! Me?! Why I’d never!

 ”In middle age, Tesla became close friends with Mark Twain. They spent a lot of time together in his lab and ‘elsewhere’.” Mmmhmm like IN THE BEDROOM! Need I say more???!!!

 ”In 1926, Tesla commented on the ills of the social subservience of women and the struggle of women toward gender equality, indicated that humanity’s future would be run by “Queen Bees”. He believed that women would become the dominant sex in the future.” Mmmmkay! Werq it mama!!!

 ”In his later years Tesla became a vegetarian. In an article for Century Illustrated Magazine he wrote: “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarous habit.” Tesla argued that it is wrong to eat uneconomic meat when large numbers of people are starving; he also believed that plant food was “superior to meat in regard to both mechanical and mental performance”. He also argued that animal slaughter was “wanton and cruel.” Sacred Cow! Sacred Cow!

 ”Tesla lived the last ten years of his life in a two-room suite on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker, room 3327. There, near the end of his life, Tesla showed signs of encroaching senility, claiming to be visited by a specific white pigeon daily. (WHOA SHAZZAMITY!) Several biographers note that Tesla viewed the death of the pigeon as a “final blow” to himself and his work.” Lord help me now!!!

 This concludes the Nikola Tesla Shazzamity Hour. I hope you may now concur that being a pigeon fancier is no more insane that say being an electrical engineer or a famous inventor. As you can see they go  hand in hand. Therefore, I am not crazy! Just intuitively creative! Thank you very much!

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